Storyboard Artist

I've begun the visualization process for Just 2 Get By and I'm collaborating with a storyboard artist. William Brown is a renaissance visual artist, an illustrator and sketcher working predominantly in pencil and ink, a portrait artist, a tattooist, and a self-taught calligrapher. He is also a poet, a rap artist, and a producer of hard core rap music reflecting his real life experiences of surviving the streets of Los Angeles, gang life, and the California prison system.

At 35, William is now a reformed ex-gang member, a husband, father, and grandfather, and is eager to share his embattled past with young people, as a way of preventing them from repeating the same mistakes he made as a troubled youth. Through his art and music he wishes to leave a positive mark for the world.

Here is an example of William's talent:

Stay tuned for storyboard updates.